Hammersmith Apollo last night

Now I’m a fan of charity comedy shows, you can get together a taste of the current crop of artists and out of that you can pick future gigs to go to,this is one of the things I miss about Edinburgh and the comedy festival which that town offers up every summer, I asked a friend to join me at the hammersmith apollo last night for a “big night of comedy” Ben Elton disappointed but he does patron the charity and he wrote Blackadder,so I guess we have to endure his soft “anger”, I guess how he is now is what Paul Merton meant when he said this what he was always like behind his 80’s right on persona.

I think the lady sat in front of my friend was allergic to him as she trumpeted into her hanky every time Elton came on stage,my symptoms differed but were equally timed.

Note to self: Avail yourself of the bar or turn up late when ex big brother contestants turn up to do a spot,Paul Tompkinson making derogatory dog/sex/nagging wife noises irritated, obviously pandering to the forty something crowd,but you got the feeling this was just a filler for better things to come I just didn’t think that the better thing was the tube journey home, listening to Danny bakers radio show on my iPhone.

My friend left early as the lighting was too low for her to read her issue of private eye that says it all we searched for clever satire that night, we got a tired insipid night bereft of entertainment. Free from criticism is doc brown he entertained and looked a step apart from the others I would happily pay to see his own show.


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