My first post 7 months ago

Jackie Mason:Fearless,Wyndham Theatre London.

He was the voice of Krusty the clown’s rabbi father,at 25 he was ordained an actual rabbi,3 years later he quit to pursue a career in stand up comedy. The Wyndham theatre suits this show it offers a nod to a vaudeville history Which Mr Mason would have grown up with, but his act is anything but vaudevillian they say tragedy plus timing equals comedy ( that’s the math) and his performance is an object lesson in a professional knowing his trade inside out. His routine is bang up to date offering his Jewish roots to provide an old world view on modern day events his wit is razor sharp and he plays the audience wonderfully,he poses interesting questions knowing there will be an awkward silence where he can pounce “what have you just passed” He does have real questions about the state of the world but he is aware that unlike some ‘political’ stand ups,comedians are there to make you belly laugh and perhaps snort embarrasingly,( i may have done this) the show is 2 hours long but this flies by as a farewell show he humbly thanks the audience for coming and the house warmly sends him off for the night,I wonder if we’ll see this kind of tradesman again. Fearless ran until March 17th.


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