Ed Byrne:Different Class 2010

A cold Glasgow evening saw the Kings Theatre play host to Ed Byrne’s show “Different Class”
Almost immediately he asks the audience if they regard themselves as middle class,after a subdued silence the audience erupt with acknowledgement of being working class,Ed then sets about disassembling the myths associated with the preconceived notions of class he tells us the story of how with his first pay cheque he bought his first huge T.V. Thinking this was a middle class action,But his middle class friends told him to do such a thing was working class,hence the journey through these notions of our place in society.

Luckily his Dublin upbringing and his attending Strathclyde university gives a tough inner steel to his nerdy academic exterior the Glasgow crowd enjoyed his local shout out and welcomed him as one of their own,which in Glasgow is a feat to achieve.

Byrne is a clever writer very enjoyable he regails us with family stories,being reverse heckled by an angry woman who’s partner asked for a photo with then he handed the camera to the angry woman!

Coroner rating 4 stars


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