…”And this is my friend, Mr Laurel”

“…And This Is My Friend Mr Laurel”
Pleasance Courtyard August 17

Runs August 5-18, 20-31
Jeffrey Holland returns in his one man show about Stan Laurel visiting a dying Oliver Hardy, reminiscing over the lives they led, the highs of their career making movies not really knowing how well loved they were, and the shock of finding that out, the lows such as Oliver’s wife Myrtle’s alcoholism Stan’s young son who died after only nine days, we find Stan in a reflective mood, not able to come to terms with his friends position lying in bed unable to speak, he himself had a stroke a few years before is sure Oliver will be back to his golf.
Jeffrey Holland wanted to do this show while he was a younger actor but had to wait until he was old enough to carry the character off and he does with aplomb, the mannerisms and facial expressions and accent of both Laurel and Hardy are excellent, the spotlight monologues are powerful you are transported back to the golden era of Hollywood the music of that time i was taken back to the shows on television I watched in the late 70’s and I suspect the elder audience members were taken back to Saturday cinema matinees of their childhood, take your kids, parents and your grandparents to see this show.

Coroners Rating

5 Stars


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