Hal Cruttenden: Straight Outta Cruttenden

Hal Cruttenden: Straight Outta CruttendenPleasance 2


August 16th 


My previous nights review tip of arriving more than 20 mins early for a show bore fruit today as I found myself 2nd in tonight’s queue to see Hal Cruttenden

Pleasance 2 seems to be a medieval stone barn if the arched windows are anything to go by, the stage is small but the venue isn’t overly hot which pleases this reviewer.

The Smiths are pleing played by the house lights and sound guy as the lights dim the intro music is “Straight Outta Compton” by NWA a favourite of the comedian which raises obvious laughs as Hal has a middle class English posh accent as he describes himself, his first joke is to tell the audience how glad he is that the referendum is over now English people can go back to telling you what they really think of you.


Hal has great energy, and his comic timing is reminiscent of old vaudevillian comedians of the past, his material is fresh cutting and the audience are constantly laughing at his camp punch-lines, his bits about American police is cleverly covered by asserting you never knew they were racist having grown up watching Cagney & Lacey, Columbo and that Huggy Bear from Starskey & Hutch wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes in todays america, its great to have thought provoking issues hauled over comedy coals.


He does think his camp voice stops him getting Hollywood roles and its true judging by the Liam Neeson impression.

Yet again the hour passed quickly see this show to kick off your evening in style


Coroners Rating: Had us in stitches

runs until August 22nd


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