Reginald D Hunter: Bitchproof

Reginald D Hunter: BitchproofPleasance: The Grand




A sea of people lap the pleasance’s courtyard entrance and exit, I joined a long congested queue toward the Grand, a venue to the rear of the pleasance, the people waiting seemed in good spirits despite the pleasance team corralling the throng a couple of sheep noises from some inebriated guests raised a few giggles and before too long we were on the move into the venue, I recommend arriving earlier than twenty minutes before the ticket time.


The venue was large but despite this was still very warm, I praised myself for buying a cold drink from the local corner shop, the pleasance staff did a great job getting seats filled quickly.

Seal stopped singing his hits and on came Reginald, welcoming the audience warmly he seemed genuinely happy to be here.


His hour flew by he started by telling us about a recent media interview asking him if he has lost his anger, which he thinks is code for are you not funny anymore, but he is a quality performer who enjoys belittling the idea he uses the so called race card, telling the white audience he doesn’t speak for most black people, mainly because he doesn’t know most black people, his clever thought provoking burns on pre conceived notions of race on all sides is always refreshing to hear and he is keen to fill the vacancy for a wholesome family comedian previously filled by Bill Cosby, Hunter conjectures that Cosby manufactured his squeaky clean image in the 60’s but that living this life can encourage a dark side to emerge, its hard to disagree.

I enjoyed hearing him criticise his Christian brother and his use of the “Jesus Shield”

and when he responded to an ex girlfriend accuse him of being lazy his response was “What do you expect! i was raised by old people in the heat”


Coroners Rating: Killed It!

Bitchproof runs until August 30th

Tickets £17.00



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