Stewart Francis : Pun Gent, Aug 18th 20:10

Stewart Francis: Pun GentAssembly Rooms Ballroom

The scene of man a good easy listening night, the assembly rooms ballroom has been separated in two for the festival, but even if they used the whole room i think Stewart Francis would fill it easily, 3 elaborate chandeliers offer soothing mood lighting as the venue team gets everyone seated in good time.
Francis gets a quick laugh by instantly mispronouncing the city as “Edinburg” the puns come quick and fast he is so clever at returning to previous puns with short story telling, the nitrous oxide jokes warm us up nicely, he quoted news from the east lothian courier notably that the power station chimneys are to be pulled down,this prompted a short bit about a guy who didn’t know about this looking out of his window seeing no power station and calling the ‘cooncil’ to complain, this proved popular with the locals, a woman next to me had a strange loud laugh, like the count from sesame street, even francis said he loved her, try sitting next to her, then her partner laughed…EXACTLY THE SAME LAUGH!
A recurring gag about being in India had us in stitches but shows he has a topical political edge to his craft.
It was a shame that his microphone cut out but his professional conduct dealt with it to the point where it was in itself a funny bit.
Sean Connery impressions were excellent Francis highlights the roles he played, a Russian sub marine commander, a Spaniard in Highlander, and a Chicago cop,all with the same Scottish accent hilarious stuff.
Pun Gent runs until August 30th
Coroner Rating: 4 stars


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