New Jewish Jokes: Ivor Dembina

Ivor Dembina packs out the small back room of Finnegans wake on Victoria street I spotted him outside I could tell he was the act, bust rushing around setting up the room, welcoming friends, he ooked warm and personable and enjoying himself.He sets the scene his father told him years ago not to be an alternative comedian when he was starting out in the 80’s he advised him to tell old Jewish Jokes he spreads these jokes around the wider story of accepting a benefit gig at a London synagogue to fix the hole in their roof, the rabbi keeps interrupting him asking him not to tell jokes about the holocaust, Jews and money, and sex jokes each time the rabbi censors him he tells us the jokes he would have told to us these gags are belly laugh hilarious, the show was slightly interupted by a guy going to the loo rather than just leave he speaks loudly breaking the flow and interrupting the show slightly but Ivor deals with it in another fantastically Jewish way “you work it out” it’s a small venue so this is to b expected he is so professional luckily the guy returns silently as I was half expecting a report on the successful loo trip from him, go see his two shows Old Jewish jokes and  New Jewish jokes both free fringe shows but a bucket is hand around with a recommends £5 donation which is fair.

Old Jewish jokes runs until August 29th except Sunday’s 


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