Mark Forward Teviot Wine Room 21:30 runs until Aug 31st

Teviot wine room 24/8/15Mark Forward 

The teviot wine room is a medium sized venue and was well attended.

Marks routines are hilarious straight off the bat his use of musical instruments and other toy props are expertly used to raise a few quick laughs and relax the room the audience is pre warned that he doesn’t believe the things he is saying and if we do too we’ll have a better time, what I loved was the absurd journey of exploration of a seemingly small sections of a joke will take us. Mark expands the universe of the scene of the joke making a whole story rather than a verbal gag he is a talent that simply must be in the top ten Stand-ups in the world today I hope Mark returns to Edinburgh year after year as his work will surely become larger and more elaborate.

His style of humour is important.

Coroners rating 5 stars
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