Lucy Porter: Consequences 

Lucy Porter: Consequences Pleasance Forth 17:30 Tickets £14 (2 for 1)
Lucy Porter packed the house out with her latest outing in Edinburgh, she brought on a hostess trolley with a bottle of sherry which she duly offered to a returning audience member whom she recognised, she starts immediately talking about her hugely tall husband and massive kids and joked about now the kitchen chemicals are now out of her reach. She intertwines current events with the past and future with her “letter to herself” monologues which with its cultural references hits the mark every time, you can tell she was a journalist.
Her worrying about us all turning right wing in our old age due to being too tired hit a chord with a few people but she asserted We must listen to the youth today to understand what issues they feel engaged about this in turn will keep us more active politically or it was a way for her to run off with a 16 year old at the end of the show I hope she is gentle with him.
Coroners rating: 5 stars 
A must see


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