Made In Cumbria 

Tucked at the back of the grassmarkets Apex Hotel, I spent this Sunday afternoon watching Jane Postlethwaites Made In Cumbria, the show was sold out I even noticed a venue helper bringing in extra chairs. 

The scene was set by our survivalist ‘expert’ guide as we had all been given groupon vouchers by our nearest and dearest to attend this experience day. Hilarious dark monologues driven by strong characters including Boris and Nigel, the falcon protagonists lost by their lonely handler Kirsty Bird,were introduced to us giving us a flavour of Life in this part of the country (psst, don’t mention Yorkshire).

Each character change was cleverly filled in with a parody of a local radio station and an immensely funny over arching story developed in a dramatic climax.

Throughout  the performances Jane Postlethwaites acting and energy was amazing as she switched effortlessly between characters, you get the feeling you are watching a future star, the sound and lights were used expertly you felt transferred into this world and upon leaving I felt I had witnessed a live version of an established sketch show.

This show should sell out at venues with ten times as many seats. please come back next year!

Coroners Verdict: Unmissable 5 star show!

One thought on “Made In Cumbria 

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