Jody Kamali: International Man Of Mystery.

A well attended room at grassmarkets sweet venues was the set for today’s 4pm show. Upon entering you could hear Survivors smash hit of the 80’s ‘Eye of the tiger’

In runs Jody Kamali and energetically begins his show with his amazing vintage carrier bag juggling act that has us in awe his eye can direct an audience, giving us knowing looks to spur us on to join in, few people can make you laugh with just a look but he is up there with silent movie era comedians, his storytelling was as touching as it was funny whilst growing up he wanted to fly like his hero (and doppelgänger) David Copperfield (he really does look like him, (and footballer Matthieu flamini) but he’s from Bristol not L.A. Otherwise he’s sure he’d be amazing audiences at the MGM Grand.

Audience participation is key to the fun and Jody has us throwing dangerously spiked steel balls at him in slow motion so that he can display his dodging skills it was beguiling action ( they were plastic) always with a dramatic 80’s power ballad soundtrack, the genuinely dramatic scene came as a shock as he was shot by a mop in a callous betrayal of his marriage (to an ironing board) I’ve already given too much away and fear for my life.

Jody Kamali is a genuine Comedy Genius his energy and ability to improvise any audience situation sets him apart and a class above the rest take a friend to his shows, they WILL thank you.

Coroners Verdict: Alive and kicking! 5 stars!


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