SuZana Gonzo: Dark Lady 3pm Mash House.

Welcome aboard the Dark Lady Cruise, keep your mind upright as your captain SuZana Gonzo takes the helm, 

She makes quite an entrance helped by two sailors and a Cher soundtrack miming to ‘turn back time’ once she cuts the soundtrack she goes straight to the audience, she connects quickly with a couple of people, the first one strips off her jacket with only the power of his eyes, we are here today for an evening of spiritual healing and revealing. Her world is absurdist and ethereal  with a tragic tale woven in, she was able to enter the body of an audience member to heal them, various victims are chosen in a hilarious selection ceremony guided by her finger and the spirit within that finger, even in its bizarreness she puts her audience at ease and everyone plays along even if baffled at first, she brought a woman up to heal her of an std via the healing power of song and she was a great singer she should be offered a daily part in her show, the story is cleverly delivered the lighting and sound are used to good effect, the skill to deal with an audience regardless of their reactions is a great talent, where on the fringe can you see a rebirthing and an std healing? Only at the mash house 3pm daily.

Coroners Verdict: 4 Otherworldly Stars 


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