The Singing Psychic. The Street bar Venue 239 2b Picardy place. 

In the basement bar of the busy Broughton part of town of an evening you can experience Marysia Trebecka’s The Singing Psychic.

She comes out on stage with a curly blonde Afro and evening dress and introduces herself as someone who can hear the music in your heart even in the buildings she performs readings by choosing members of the audience to whisper their date of birth in her ear then she sings excerpts of songs, with some personalised readings of advice and funny one liners many of which resonates with the audience some of which burst out in laughter as the readings came, where the audience member was perhaps quiet their friends confirmed the readings and within these moments the singing psychic has the audience in the palm of her hand, she weaves a story of her fathers disapproval and the life he wanted for her coupled with her spirit guides of both Maria Callas and Edith Piaf with conflicting voices in her head causing her to not stick with a singing career was well written in between readings at the end she sings a song with pointed advice to her audience culminating in the whole room singing along and she even offered readings upstairs in the bar.

Coroners Rating: A stunning 4 Star Performance 


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