Cheekykita: Tittitutar  Town Sweet Venue Grassmarket Apex 15:50

Welcome to Tittitutar Town a place that’s completely upside down, I have a soft spot for absurdist comedy and this show doesn’t disappoint. a well attended Sunday afternoon showcased cheekykita’s talents from performing energetic oddball characters in this dark world where humans and animals have interbred we are witness to an exorcism and a rebirth as there is a small man living inside her and we must help release him from her, but beware, he must find a new host body and it could be you! fun and laughs are thick and fast and her facial expressions, accents and costumes even the lighting and sound are well used to convey the dark atmosphere, make sure you pay a visit to Tittitutar Town

Coroners Verdict 4 Scary Stars


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