Samantha Baines: 1 Woman, A Dwarf Planet and 2 Cox

Samantha Baines hosted the sold out Pleasance This venue I even saw some people hanging around near the queue waiting for anyone wanting to give up their tickets they should come back tomorrow! plus extra shows have been added, She starts by introducing herself by trying to convince us she looks more like Snow White rather than Alan Rickman in Harry Potter (both uncanny resemblances) 

She explains that she loves science and the arts but as a young woma at school, she was pushed into the arts simply because of her gender she informs us of a fact, 3500 women graduates of Science courses will not choose science as a career due to sexism, indeed she was a victim of sexism herself when starting out in comedy having to deal with offensive comments and becoming known as “One of the lads” because she nervously laughed those kinds of questions off, all this proves that the male dominant paradigm is everywhere, including Corporations where Energy and tech companies had campaigns to promote women in sciences using patronising hashtags #prettycurious #hackerhairdryer clearly these were devised by males, her self deprecation and one liners are sharp and clever she is such a talented writer her monologue is both funny and thought provoking , there would need to be 420 more women astronauts in space for there to be equality in that field which is a stark fact, with all this info (I took 4 pages of notes compared to my usual 1 page) it wasn’t preachy it washilarious and informative especially her description of her initial obsession with Prof Brian Cox (her hubby chose him as a fave too) she tweets him each show and she did this show too, she even introduces him as a guest.

No wonder this show is selling out each day, her message is funny thought provoking and profound, Samantha Baines is one of the best comedians on the circuit male or female! 

Coroners Verdict: 5 celestial Stars


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