Samantha Baines: 1 Woman, a High flyer, and a flat bottom.Bunker One Pleasance 

Another sold out Bunker One Pleasance venue hosts Samantha Baines: 1 woman,a high flyer,and a flat bottom.Samantha is a great comedian,she instantly has the audience in the palm of her hands referring to last years show and her subsequent restraining order from Brian Cox! she evolves last years theme to highlight the lost women of science, what i like about her comedy is the pop culture references and the clear academic research that has gone into the show to educate as well as entertain she highlights 3 women (sadly i had only heard of one of them) i learned more from this routine about women in science than i ever did in school and this is a sad reflection on society, and the laughs come quick and fast from small self defence sketch sequence to the poetry corner segments after each scientists presentation, she finishes the show with a touching tribute to her late father and the hour is over. the audience are buzzed in appreciation as they left. this was a show that has hit the ground running this early in its run and i can’t recommend it highly enough
Coroners Rating: 5 stars 


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